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ECSS Psychological Services is pleased to offer a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Informed Treatment program.


What is DBT?

DBT is a comprehensive cognitive behavioural treatment for complex, difficult to treat mental disorders. It has evolved into a treatment for individuals with emotional and personality disorders. It is designed for those who lack important interpersonal, self-regulation, and distress tolerance skills, independent of diagnosis.


As a comprehensive treatment, DBT serves to enhance the individual’s behavioural capabilities, improves motivation to change, assists the new capabilities in generalizing to the natural environment, and structures the treatment environment in ways essential to support client and therapist capabilities.


Our program, which offers about 5 hours per week of support/intervention services, has three main components: individual therapy; group intervention/skills training; and community support/activation. We are running a continuous intake group, with intake intervals every four to five weeks. The whole program can be completed in about 20 weeks. There are four modules that are addressed in group, and at the conclusion of each module, new participants can enter the group. Some clients have commenced individual therapy prior to starting the group.


If you would like additional information, please contact ECSS Psychological Services at (780) 482-3277 or email